Tokenizing Equity Rights of the Most Promising Private Companies around the Globe

By combining the emerging secondary market and crypto; The Elephant is an enhanced online platform that opens the door to investments in the world’s most auspicious, important and interesting private companies prior to their liquidity event.

Tokenized Secondary Market Platform for Shares of Pre-IPO Companies

Enabling pre-IPO companies’ shareholders to sell their shares prior to a liquidity event and for investors to invest in such shares through dedicated partnerships represented by Digital Tokens.

The First Tokenized Secondary Market Platform

Provides liquidity to equity rights in shares of leading privately held companies through equity-backed dedicated tokens to unlock the value of shares of these "unicorn" and late-stage companies.

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To unlock the value of shares of private unicorn and late-stage companies by providing tokenized liquidity.

Our Mission

The Elephant (formerly: introduces the first security token backed by shares of the most promising private companies around the globe.

Our mission is to open the door to investments in shares of the world’s most auspicious, important and interesting private companies (unicorns & high-profile companies), prior to their liquidity event.

The platform enables shareholders of pre-IPO companies to sell their shares prior to a liquidity event and for investors to invest in such shares through dedicated partnerships represented by Digital Tokens.

By tokenizing equity rights of the most promising private companies around the globe, we make it liquid at all times

Conservative Crypto

By tokenizing the equity rights offered on the Platform:

Investors already active in the crypto space are offered access to attractive investment opportunities and are able to invest in equity-backed tokens representing shares of well-established pre-IPO private companies.

Investors that have yet to join the crypto economy obtain a less volatile and much more regulated way to get started, by bringing off-chain capital on-chain in stable manner.

Tokenization Benefits

By connecting our Dedicated Partnership Work Model to Blockchain technology we aim to:

Expand liquidity to shareholders that have nil or very limited, liquidity available to them.

Tokenization of previously illiquid assets may increase their market value by 10%-40% as illiquidity costs vanish.

Open the investment space to additional classes of potential investors, including the crypto-community, with low entrance thresholds.

Enabling investors to create their own diversified “Pre-IPO Fund”.

Provide stability to crypto investors while connecting them to equity-backed tokens.

Make real-world private equity liquid through tokenization.

Onboard shares of off-chain companies to the tokenized economy.

Our Portfolio

Unlike many companies in the Crypto space, The Elephant Platform
and ecosystem is already operational and includes:

Over $70M
worth of shares in 20+ unicorn & high-profile pre-IPO companies listed by their shareholders for sale.

Over 2,000
listed investors have already registered to the platform.

Our Existing Portfolio

Didi Chuxing

Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller


Private Stocks Seller

Some of the Leading Companies Whose Shares Are Currently Listed by their shareholders on the Platform

What sets us apart?

We are the only solution to solve the liquidity challenge for buyers and sellers, by combining the growing pre-IPO secondary market and the Blockchain technology and related digital currencies.

The Elephant Platform enables a low entry point for buyers and sellers, opening the secondary market to a much broader variety of players with greater opportunities.

The Secondary Market

By its nature, private companies’ equity asset class is illiquid, intended to be a long-term investment for buy-and-hold investors. For the vast majority of private equity investments, there is no listed public market; however, there is a robust and maturing secondary market available for sellers of private equity assets.

The private secondary market has experienced rapid growth in recent years, due to a very high IRR and the lengthening of the transition from venture-backed company to IPO – from 3-5 years in 2000 to 10-12 years in 2016. The volume of secondaries transactions increased by 800% over the last 13 years from $7B in 2004 to $58B in 2017 (source: Greenhill Cognet).

Annual secondary transactions 2003-2017Risk-return profile of PE strategies

The Elephant Solution

The Tokenization Mechanism

The company was founded to solve the need of private companies’ shareholders for liquidity for their shares, given the fact that more companies choose to stay private for long periods, resulting in:

Shareholders (founders, seed investors, current and former employees, service providers and to some degree even VCs) having to wait a substantially longer period before they can liquidate their shares.

Traditional investors are denied access to the significant valuation increment that occurs prior to an IPO or an exit.

Our mechanism is based on the creation of dedicated partnerships that buy the shares from the original shareholders and enable investors to invest in these shares by buying participation rights in these dedicated partnerships.

To facilitate greater liquidity for buyers who step into the shoes of the sellers, in late 2017, we have made the decision to tokenize the participation units of these partnerships by creating a dedicated security token representing these participating units, turning them into liquid and transferable assets, governed by smart contracts.

The Dedicated Tokens are equity backed. Upon an IPO or M&A of the companies whose shares are held by the partnership:

The platform operator will distribute the net realized gains to the holders of the Dedicated Tokens of these LPs.

All Dedicated Tokens of that dedicated partnership will be burnt.

The Elephant tokenized platform is the solution the private market has been waiting for!


PEC – the Platform Token

The Elephant Platform is a members-only platform. Membership is secured through the holding of PEC, The Elephant Platform’s token. To qualify as a member and hold or purchase PECs, an investor must be classified as an accredited or qualified investor and complete our Know Your Client (KYC) process. Once qualified as an Elephant Platform member, investors are entitled to receive a portion of the platform’s annual revenues and participate in Dedicated Token offerings. Investing through the Elephant Platform enables the investor to enjoy token value increases, while still being protected by the asset backing the token and a potential IPO/exit.

Platform revenues are derived from fees collected from share sellers upon completion of the sale of their shares, as well as annual management fees collected from dedicated partnerships. In addition, a success fee is collected when a liquidity event of shares held by dedicated partnerships is held.


Our Token Offering – Private Sale

In order to turn our platform into a leading, innovative, global platform that offers a diversified and wide range of tokenized and liquid investment opportunities, we are performing a Token Generation Event (TGE).

The goal of this TGE is to enable The Elephant to expand its already operating platform and shares portfolio into a leading global tokenized secondary market platform.

Participants in the PRIVATE SALE will receive PECs that will entitle them to:

  • 25% of the platform’s annual revenues up to 1.5 times their investment and 15% of the annual revenues thereafter.
  • Access to the Dedicated Token’s offering.


Our Team of Highly Experienced Professionals

Chaim Schiff

Founder and Co-CEO

Former Executive Vice President at ACC International Holdings, and Vice-Chairman in Shemen Oil and Gas Resources. Former lawyer. Practiced international corporate law for a decade. Negotiated many multi-million dollar international transactions.

Sigalit cohen

Founder and Co-CEO

A graduate of the Israeli Defense Force's Technological College and a former Senior Officer in the Israeli Air Force. Led the company to being proclaimed as one of the top innovation companies in Europe (2016) by Red Herring.

Idan Miller


A serial entrepreneur with vast experience in strategy, marketing, business development and sales. Founded four companies, leading them to sustained profitability mode - and in 2 instances, to successful exits.

Ido Ungar


Former COO of Saga, with over a decade of operational experience in establishing and managing startups from day-1, through product delivery and a cash-flow positive P&L. An award-winning strategic planner, Held a BA in Philosophy with a specialization in history and philosophy of science and ideas.

Hannit Cohen


A software specialist with 21 years’ of experience. Held CTO and VP R&D positions in various companies. Graduate of Tel Aviv University. Served in the IDF’s main computers Unit.