The Elephant Secondary Fund A Portfolio of Venture-Backed Pre-IPO Companies

A Fund Purchasing Secondary Positions in a Portfolio of Venture-Backed Pre-IPO Companies.

Discover pre-IPO Private High-tech Stock Trading the Secondary Way

Our mission is to unlock the value of shares of private unicorn and late-stage companies.

Access the New Private Market

We offer qualified investors the opportunity to invest in the companies and products that are building the future of the financial world.

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BIG interview THE ELEPHANT First security token backed by shares


To unlock the value of shares of private unicorn and late-stage companies.


We believe that the future of financial world will look very different from what it looks like today and we offer qualified investors the opportunity to invest in the companies and products that are building the future of the financial world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to open the door to investments in shares of the world’s most auspicious, important and interesting private companies (unicorns & high-profile companies), prior to their liquidity event.

The platform enables shareholders of pre-IPO companies to sell their shares prior to a liquidity event and for investors to invest in such shares through The-Elephant solutions.



Companies in The Elephant Marketplace

Below is a list of some of the pre-IPO private companies whose shares are held by private shareholders and are currently listed on our Platform.



Our Existing Portfolio


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Didi Chuxing

Private Stocks Seller


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The Secondary Market is on the Rise


Decline in IPO’s in the recent years while Companies’ are staying private longer due to availability of private capital.

Amount of unicorns in the private markets is increasing, growing from 23 in 2011 to over 300 in 2018.

Worldwide private equity secondary market transaction volume hit an estimated $55.4 billion in the first six months of 2019, up 32% from the same period in 2018, according to an analysis by NYPPEX.

The secondary market broker projects private equity secondary market volume for the year could rise to about $116 billion, the first time it has projected an annual volume of more than $100 billion.

Employees, former employees, service providers and other shareholders of such unicorns require access to liquidity, prior to a liquidity or exit event for the company as a whole- due to the lengthening duration until these companies go public.

The secondary market provides companies with an additional new tool to facilitate employee compensation and retention on account of the lengthening of the exit duration.

Social Platform


We have chosen to concentrate our efforts on the “small” shareholder, “small” investors and “small” transactions. We chose to do so because we see the social benefit that this strategy can bring with it. It obviously, does not limit us from facilitating any other type of transaction that may come through our way.


With our Platform, we intend to offer our solution, not only to shareholders, but also to option holders, allowing them to exercise their options and liquidate them quickly and efficiently. While there is an argument over the exact percentage of options that are not exercised by employees, there is no question that many employees who have worked very hard for these options, never exercise them and they expire.


Our strategy supports the democratization of the private equity market, by enabling the small players, mostly employees, to enjoy the financial benefits of their shares, the shares they have worked so hard to get, if and when they choose to do so. With The Elephant Platform, they no longer need to wait for management to decide if, when and under what terms they are willing to or interested in performing a buy-back of shares, to publicly list the company or having an exit.

The Elephant Secondary Fund

A Portfolio of Venture-Backed Pre-IPO Companies

In light of the growing global demand for direct investment opportunities in tech Unicorns, we are now building with the The Elephant Fund, a unique investment fund in a standard legal structure of GP + Multi LP.

The Platform will serve the fund as a means of locating and pooling opportunities for investment, while also provides the fund with research, analysis, market access for liquidity needs, as well as support in the share purchase process.

Investment Strategy and Process

Guidelines for investment methodology:

Filtering target portfolio companies based on company value, entry price and discount to last borrowing value, expected IPO date, business analysis, and market sentiment (as an indicator of asset liquidity).

Guidelines for Liquidation Methodology:

Upon the sale or IPO of a company, while the fund manager will regularly monitor the portfolio status and the potential to maximize return, based on portfolio company valuation, expected IPO dates, and the need to liquidate the fund within 4 yrs.


Research & Insights

The-Elephant Research leverages our access to leading private growth companies and proprietary transaction data to provide our clients with unique insight into the companies and trends driving the asset class.

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