We at The Elephant, being a secondary trading platform for shares of Pre-IPO and Unicorn private companies, fully understand the importance of breaching the gap of missing information relating to the private companies whose shares are being offered on the platform.


In order to give the investors a better way to evaluate and reach well based investment decision we want to provide them with a deep and thorough analysis of the companies whose shares are offered on our Platform.


The analysis includes information about the companies themselves, about the market in which they operate and its potential, information about their competitors (direct and indirect) and comparable information to other companies and their financial figures.


In addition, the analysis includes a summary of the equity structure in these companies, including to the extent available, details regarding the preference rights of certain classes of shares (liquidation preference, Water-Fall structure, voting rights, conversion rights etc.) so that investors can calculate their potential returns.


In parallel this will be a very useful service to the sellers of shares on our platform, comprising mainly employees and former employees of these companies, who are in many cases not familiar enough or no longer familiar with the with current status of the companies and have difficulties to evaluate the shares that they own.

At these challenging times we are working hard to identify and provide access to shares of companies for which the COVID19 situation is a net positive for their business model, and to present these investment opportunities on our Platform.


We welcome you to stay tuned for these up and coming opportunities.