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Once we are connecting the Blockchain technology to our Dedicated Vehicle Work Model and creating our Token Model our mission is to:

Expand liquidity to shareholders (mainly small shareholders) that have nil or very limited, liquidity available to them. Tokenization of previously illiquid assets may increase their market value by 10%-40% as illiquidity costs vanish.

Open the investment space for additional classes of potential investors, including the Blockchain-community in addition to all Accredited/Qualified Investors, with low entrance thresholds (starting in some cases as low as $20,000) enabling each such investor to create his own “pre-IPO Fund” while investing as low as $100,000 in the aggregate (obviously, an investor can invest higher amounts but it is in his or her sole discretion).

Provide stability to the Blockchain investors while connecting them to equity-backed tokens.

iconEliminate geographical constraints when seeking venture capital.

Minimize transaction costs between the two sides of the investment process.

iconMake real world private equity liquidity by tokenizing it.

iconOnboard shares of off-chain companies to the tokenized economy.

We are pursuing a plan to build a market for our token, the Private Equity Coin (PEC), which has four key components:


Sufficient liquidity


A functioning investment platform


The Dedicated Token economy


An attractive portfolio of investments

Tokens Tied to Real World Financial Assets

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, our PEC and Dedicated Tokens are tied to real-world financial assets – shares in private companies, with independent expected (though speculative) ROIs. This means that a Holder can, on the one hand, enjoy an increase in the value of the PEC or the Dedicated Tokens but at the same time he or she does is not depended on it to generate a profit. Even in the event that the value of the PEC decreases, it does not affect the rights of the Holder to participate in Dedicated Token Offerings or the rights to revenues from the Platform. Likewise, even in the event that the value of the Dedicated Token decreases, upon an IPO or Exit of the Target Company the Holder will enjoy the returns regardless (see more in Distribution of Funds on an IPO/Exit/Dividends in the WP).

Accordingly, our tokens are clearly defined as securities, and are therefore designed to conform to all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the issuance and marketing of securities for investment funds, including verification of token buyers as Accredited/Qualified Investors in accordance with applicable regulations.

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