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  • Category Communications
  • Investment Type Private Stocks Seller
  • Year Founded 2006
  • Amount Raised For 'Accredited Investors'
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Location: United States

Employees: 201-500

Business Model: Manufacturing / OEM, B2B

Category: News, Video Streaming, Broadcasting

Geographic Markets: World-Wide

Company Overview:

LiveU provides reliable, high-quality live video acquisition, management, and distribution over IP. The company’s award-winning technology enables live video transmission from any location around the world with lightweight, easy-to-use equipment.

LiveU offers extensive cloud-based management and video distribution solutions. LiveU’s solutions include multiple 4G LTE/3G, HSPA+, WiMAX, and Wi-Fi cellular links, which are optimized for maximum video quality based on the available network conditions. The company also offers IP services, solutions and supports to its customers.

LiveU makes money by charging customers a monthly payment for using their platform.



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Shmulik (Samuel) Wasserman
Co-Founder & CEO
Avichai (Avi) Cohen
Co-Founder & COO

Leading Investors:

  • Carmel Ventures

  • Canaan Partners

  • Pitango Venture Capital

  • Lightspeed Venture Partners

Key Facts:

LiveU has top-tier customers in over 100 countries and its solutions are being used for high-profile events including FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, Presidential Campaigns, Super Bowls and red-carpet events. The company claims that LiveU’s technology is used in circa 50% of live television broadcasts.

The company has over 3,000 regular clients including BBC, CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the National Football League and the National Basketball Association in the United States, along with UK based football teams Manchester United and Liverpool.

LiveU owns the patent for cellular bonding for remote news gathering in the US and many other countries.

The company has recently announced plans to expand its hybrid global IP satellite service, which works in combination with its HEVC bonding technology. It will allow customers to use satellite or cellular connectivity seamlessly, streamlining both the billing structure and workflow.

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