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  • Investment Type Private Stocks Seller
  • Year Founded 2010
  • Amount Raised For 'Accredited Investors'
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Location: Israel

Business Model: Advertising, B2B

Category: Analytics, Advertisting, Customer-Engagement

Geographic Markets: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, China, Israel

Company Overview:

ironSource, founded in 2010, is an online software distribution and monetization technology powerhouse providing a complete ecosystem of downloadable online and mobile applications that connects people with relevant apps.

The company’s proprietary algorithms analyze all aspects of user acquisition, conversion, monetization, and optimization through their four main products: installCore, mobileCore, displayCore, and mediaCore. These different platforms allow the company to promote relevant products to millions of users all over the world, all while helping their clients acquire new users and monetize their software.

The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv with a strong local presence in New York, San Francisco, London, Beijing, and as of Novemeber 2016, a new office in India.


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Tomer Bar Zeev
Co-Founder & CEO
Eyal Milrad
Co-Founder & Director
Omer Kaplan
Co-Founder & Deputy CEO
Tamir Carmi
Co-Founder & COO
Arnon Harish
Co-Founder & CMO

Leading Investors:

  • Saban Capital Group

  • Access Industries

Key Facts:

The company’s complete ecosystem enables software developers to increase completed installs, decrease download time, get depth installation analytics, optimize traffic monetization, receive performance-based display distribution, and optimize media acquisition for each platform.

ironSource powers over 7 million daily installations all over the world and across all major platforms, using advances segmentation and targeting algorithms in order to match each user with relevant content.

ironSource was recognized by TUNE as one of the Top 25 global advertising partners of 2016. ironSource was ranked 5th based on multiple factors including adoption, reputation, installs, retention, and revenue.

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