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  • Category Enterprise Software
  • Investment Type Private Stocks Seller
  • Year Founded 2009
  • Amount Raised For 'Accredited Investors'
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Location: United States

Employees: 501-1000

Category: Ad Server, Advertising, Analytics, Enterprise Software, Security, Web Hosting

Geographic Markets: World-Wide

Company Overview:

Cloudflare is a web performance and security company that provides online services to protect and accelerate websites online.

Its online platforms include Cloudflare CDN that distributes content around the world to speed up websites, Cloudflare optimizer that enables web pages with ad servers and third-party widgets to download Snappy software on mobiles and computers, CloudFlare security that protects websites from a range of online threats including spam, SQL injection, and DDOS, Cloudflare analytics that gives insight into website’s traffic including threats and search engine crawlers, Keyless SSL that allows organizations to keep secure sockets layer (SSL) keys private, and Cloudflare applications that help its users install web applications on their websites.

Lee Holloway, Matthew Prince, and Michelle Zatlyn founded Cloudflare in 2009, with its headquarters in San Francisco in California.


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Lee Holloway
Matthew Prince
Co-Founder & CEO
Michelle Zatlyn
Co-founder & COO

Leading Investors:

  • Pelion Venture Partners

  • Venrock

  • New Enterprise Associates

  • Union Square Ventures

  • Fidelity Investments

  • Franklin Templeton Investments

  • Summer@Highland

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