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  • Category Cleantech
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  • Year Founded 2004
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Location: Israel

Employees: 11-50

Category: Cosmetics, Biotechnology, Organic Food, Agriculture, Water Purification

Company Overview:

“The new demand of the EU for reducing the syntactical chemical pest repellents, gives BotanoCap great hope for a world breakthrough.” Assaf Gilad, Calcalist, 9.4.13

BotanoCap is a clean-tech company, operating in the agro-technology sector that has developed a patented novel technology enabling slow and gradual release of volatile compounds, such as essential oils. The technology is applicable in many fields, from environmentally sustainable pesticides through to veterinary, food preservation and household applications. Among the company investors are Infinity I-China Fund, BHCO Group (Business Holding Corp.), BGN Technologies Ltd., WaTech–Entrepreneurship & Partnership Centre for Water Technologies founded by Mekorot National Water Company Ltd, Ashkelon Technological Industries Ltd. (ATI), and the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) and private investors. The company’s CEO is Mr. Yigal Gezundhait.

The company team, consisting of top-notch organic chemistry researchers and business development experts, have developed a pioneering technological solution presenting many advantages and offering exceptional business potential:

  • The technological platform is applicable in many fields: agriculture, agricultural product preservation, veterinary uses, food additives, insect and pest repellents and insecticides for household applications, etc.
  • The solution is based on fragrant natural essential oils, making the pesticides environmentally-friendly and sustainable.
  • International regulations for health and environmental protection in Europe and the United States require the replacement of more than 20% of the world’s pesticides with natural and environmentally friendly products.
  • The world’s demand for pesticides in conventional agriculture is over 3 billion kg and worth US$ 50 billion.
  • The green pesticide sector is growing by 16% a year and its annual worth is expected to reach US$ 3 billion within two years.
  • The organic agriculture and health food market is growing rapidly, with demand exceeding production capacity. The company’s solution enables the expansion of both production and the market.
  • The organic agriculture and health food market is growing rapidly, with demand exceeding production capacity. The company’s solution enables the expansion of both production and the market.


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Charles Linder
Co-founder and IP Officer
Arie Markus
Co-founder and CTO

Leading Investors:

  • Infinity Venture Partners

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