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Since the shares listed on our platform are offered by private shareholders and not by the Target Companies themselves, in many cases the information on the Target Companies is not always available for investors who wish to invest.

As the secondary market is growing and developing, so do many related services and service providers intended to support this market. One of these services is analysis companies that provide an independent analysis on private companies, without the need of neither having the companies’ cooperating nor the companies’ providing any internal information.

In delivering on our mandate, The Elephant retained the services of Zirra, a service provider based in Tel Aviv, Israel, which provides an independent analysis technology. As part of its algorithm, Zirra collects and assembles information from publicly available resources and uses its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) tools to analyze, curate and add exclusive insights. Zirra uses the AI and its network of experts to provide fast, reliable, insightful and coherent company analysis. Through this analysis and the benchmark figures provided by Zirra, we establish a common ground for negotiations between selling shareholders and potential investors. Obviously, the parties do not have to accept Zirra’s estimations and these are not binding on them in any way but are only intended to assist both parties to have a “ball-park” figure to relate to.

The Elephant partners with Zirra to help investors understand and track the value of their portfolio and prospective investments with our proprietary, institutional-quality research and online portfolio management tools.

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